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Kalahari Harpago-Project


The Kalahari Harpagophytum project was sponsered by GTZ and existed out of the following people and institutions:

  • Avontuur Harpago, South Africa

  • The University of Münster, Germany

  • Salus-Haus, Germany

  • Parceval, South Africa

  • Bioforce, Switzerland

  • University of Durban-Westville, South Africa

  The aims of the Kalahari Harpagopytum Project was:

  • Conservation through cultivation for sustainable production

  • Training of the harvesters in the rural areas, to support them for a better income.

  • Research for Harpago with a higher level of harpagoside.


Send mail to avontuur@harpago.co.za
Last modified: Januarie 28, 2003